Wizard Racing is the chassis fabrication company building racing components that incorporate new technology with convenience, appeal, and safety. Here you will find innovative designs built to achieve maximum performance. We can build your race car from the ground up, from a custom chassis to roll bars and roll cages to custom paint and graphics to complete instrumentation design. There are unlimited combinations and we can build your car from start to finish to your specifications. We are more than happy to answer any questions and design your combination to fit you.
Our customers deserve ergonomic chassis' that provide ease of operation and a look that is show stopping. We provide the best possible value to our customers so their dollar is well spent.
We have been building quality race cars for years. Thanks to our customers who put in the hard work and long hours racing. We will continue to build cars that are winners and are seen all over the world.

Check out our site and then make your plans to see our facility in person.
I doubt you will find another one like it.

JAson Wood - owner